Waverley Cameron Eyedropper Filler

My theory is that anything with the Cameron name has to be good! 😉

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These Waverley Cameron pens were made in the immediately post-war period by Burnham, I believe.  They were intended for the subtropical market (where sacs deteriorate very quickly) but, for some reason or another, were not exported and appeared, boxed, on the market in great numbers here some years ago.
I hadn’t had one of these for quite a while and I’d forgotten what a good quality pen it is.  Everything fits together nicely, and the Macniven and Cameron leaf-shaped nib is often pleasantly flexible, as I believe this one is though I haven’t write tested it yet.

There is much to be said for a relatively modern eyedropper filler.  It’s never going to need a sac, diaphragm or seals and it doesn’t need filled very often.
This model is quite visually attractive with the stepped clip, blue clip stud and deep engine chasing on the barrel.  There is a lever…

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